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Connecting people to nature is a mck-frog-tesia_vang.jpgcritical investment in our ability to protect natural lands and open space. This connection is essential in cultivating future land stewards who value conservation. SFC's education program serves people of all ages, from kindergarteners to grown-up kids. You can support this effort in many ways, like sponsoring a bus seat for a young student, helping to scholarship an intern, or volunteering.

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Sierra Lands Beef, LLC is a cattle company solely owned by SFC. The cattle are used to help manage SFC's preserve lands and produce a healthy grass fed and finished beef product that supports local land conservation. To learn more about Sierra Lands Beef or to place your order please visit



Sierra Foothill Conservancy is currently seeking two new team members to complement a dynamic staff. The positions currently open are for an Operations Director and an Office & Bookkeeping Manager. Please click the link below for further information.