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Fall  2003
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Spring 2004
Summer 2004
Fall 2004
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Spring 2005
Summer 2005
Fall 2005
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Spring 2009

Cows at Work on Big Table

Orange Lupine

Membership Challenge

Thrive Day on the McKenzie Preserve

Winter 2009


A Letter to Members from Chuck Peck

A Letter to Members from Jeannette Tuitele

Volunteers do Heavy Lifting at Black Mountain Preserve

Fall 2008

Dreams Come True for Black Mountain Preserve

Growing up on Black Mountain


Giving Circles

Bohna Ranch

Manzanita - Little Apples of the Sierra

Summer 2008

Black Mountain Preserve Grows

Climate Change

Jim Putman Memorial

SFC Donors


Spring 2008

Listen to the Songs of Birds

CSUF Interns

Cultivating New Land Stewards

City Bird, Country Bird

Winter 2008

California Tiger Salamander

New Faces

New McKenzie Water Tanks

2006-2007 Financial Report

SFC Welcomes New Staff

Fall 2007

Mariposa Conservation Easements

A Time for Giving Thanks


Preserving California's Wild West

Summer 2007

Blue Oaks

Exciting Volunteer Opportunities

Helicoptering the Bridge

Goodbye to Bill Miller

Spring 2007

Rattlesnakes Entertain Hikers

2005-2006 Financial Report

Harvester Ants

Winter 2007

Hurrah for Mistletoe!

Betty White's Gift

Our Generous Contributors

Hooray for Docents!

Fall 2006

Foothill Hawks

Proposition 84

Kids at the McKenzie

Goodbye to Steve Medley

Summer 2006

Fine Gold Preserve

Staff Highlights

Western Pond Turtles

Spring 2006

Fresno's unknown vernal pools

Millerton Watershed Program update

SFC's newest staff member

Pygmy owls

Winter 2006

What are those tiny fences?

A very good year

SFC Giving Circles

Annual Report

Fall 2005

Black Mountain cat fight

Our 10th Anniversary

The bird that sleeps

Summer 2005

How old is your water?

Donate your car

Welcome to Dan

Pine mistletoe

Spring 2005

Keeping it cool

Sierra Nevada Conservancy

SFC Spring events

Goodbye to Jim Carl

Hooray for us!

Wild cucumber

Winter 2005

Welcome to Black Mountain

Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Foothill bears

Giving Circles Report

Parties for the Foothills

Fall 2004

Our ferocious fearless flyers

SFC adds new easements

Fall happenings

New office in Mariposa

New volunteer coordinator

Foothill bears

Summer 2004

Pipevines and butterflies

Sierra Nevada Conservancy

Mariposa Art Show

Clovis Botanical Garden

Spring 2004

Our Mission - page 2

Spring and summer happenings - page 3

Watershed Report - page 4

Win a quilt - page 5

Carpenteria - page 6

Winter 2004

New conservation easements - page 2

Hikes and classes - page 3

Financial Report - page 3

Volunteers - page 4

Giving Circles - page 5

Still more possums - page 6

Fall 2003

Land trusts - page 2

Hikes, classes, other events - page 3

Operational Trust Fund - page 3

Lichens - page 4

What's happening - page 5

More possums - page 6